Modelon’s Electrification Library is a Modelica library for the design, analysis, and control of electrified systems.  The library is suitable for a wide variety of electrification applications including ground vehicles, aircraft, personal mobility, auxiliary power electric storage systems, and other complex engineered systems.

The library provides scalable and flexible model architectures with compatible component models for electrified systems.  The models are multi-purpose to support different use cases within the same modeling framework and multi-fidelity to capture different levels of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and controls dynamics.  Component models include batteries, machines, converters, loads, routing, and controls.  Models include thermal interfaces and corresponding thermal models.  Battery models include a range of electrical, thermal, and aging models to support modeling from the cell to the pack.

The library has been developed and applied internally at Modelon for a number of years together with a number of partners.  Starting with the 1.0 release, the library is now publicly available to offer an off-the-shelf commercial library hardened through industrial collaboration over a wide variety of applications.

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  • Accurate, computationally-efficient representation of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and control (software) dynamics
  • Support for wide range of electrification applications with a common, collaborative approach
  • Flexible model composition based on model architectures for efficient modeling
  • Native configuration management to handle multi-purpose use cases (different systems, applications, level of detail, computational requirements, interfaces, etc.)
  • Extendable models for user customization and IP
  • Standard interfaces to support integration with other models


The Electrification Library has been developed as a coordinated library for system analysis and controls design for electrified systems.

Applications include:

  • System performance including component and software limits
  • System efficiency and range
  • System design and virtual validation
  • System/component sizing
  • Thermal management
  • Transient simulation including normal and off-design operation
  • Electrical frequency analysis (EMC)
  • Software/controls verification and validation (MIL/SIL/HIL)

Rimac’s Journey Towards Full Vehicle Simulation

Rimac, a Croatian automotive technology powerhouse, needed a more efficient and flexible way to evaluation multi-physics powertrain systems. In this new case study, learn how Rimac used the Modelon Electrification Library to meet their electric powertrain, battery modeling, and full vehicle system simulation needs. 

“Modelon’s libraries contain many more components than competing libraries. These components are meaningfully different, and allow for modeling at different levels of abstraction, making them the best libraries we could find on the market.”
– Kruno Hrvatinić,
Head of Control and Simulation at Rimac
Read the full case study


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