Modelon’s Aircraft Dynamics Library is a Modelica-based library for the design and simulation of fixed-wing aircraft and their sub-systems. It provides an open and extensible environment for a wide variety of applications including design and assessment of hybrid electric propulsion concepts, the analysis, and simulation of six degrees of freedom flight dynamics, detailed landing gear design and analysisand other complex aircraft systems

The library built on Modelica-based standards provides reusable and flexible model architectures with reconfigurable pre-defined templates. The models are multi-purpose to support different use cases within the same modeling framework. This means that a model can be configured to use empirical sizing methods for masses and aerodynamics or detailed aerodynamic coefficient tables from CFD. It can be set up to contain the full six degrees of freedom equations of flight dynamics, simplify them to three degrees of freedom, or focus on flight performance only. Additionally, each sub-system can be represented with a simplified placeholder or a detailed physics-based model. Sub-systems models are assembled into airframe, power and consumer sub-system sets which can be configured and exchanged to structure the model architecture. 

Modelon’s Aircraft Dynamics Library has been developed collaboratively with multiple partners and applied internally at Modelon over several years. Starting with the 1.0 release, the library is publicly available as an off-the-shelf solution optimized for a wide variety of applications.

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  • Extensive library of pre-defined components including wings, fuselages, landing gears, flight controls, power systems, consumer systems and many more
  • Six and three degrees of freedom flight dynamic models
  • Detailed landing gear models such as three duals in tandem
  • Empirical aircraft level sizing and synthesis methods based on mature and openly published methods
  • Capturing scaling laws on aircraft level and providing first principles assessment via flight performance
  • Enables mixing empirical handbook and physics-based models
  • Open code and easily extensible


Modelon’s Aircraft Dynamics Library offers a comprehensive set of components that empower high fidelity design and analysis of aircraft and their sub-systems.

Applications Includes:

  • Design and assessment of hybrid electric propulsion concepts
  • Simulation and analysis of flight dynamics with six degrees of freedom
  • Design and analysis of landing gear and associated control laws such as auto-brake and anti-skid
  • Design and analysis of More Electric Aircraft and bleedless concepts
  • Thermal management
  • Software/controls verification and validation (MIL/SIL/HIL)


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