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Release Notes for FMI Composer 1.1

FMI Composer 1.1 is part of Modelon’s 2018.2 release.

FMI Composer is a tool for handling systems of FMUs, described according to the SSP standard. SSP systems can be graphically created and edited, and systems can also be exported as a single aggregated FMU for use in other tools.

In addition to system editing and aggregation, FMI Composer can also modify FMUs in the following ways:

  • Remove non-essential information to protect sensitive details in the model.
  • Override parameters and start values in the original FMU.
  • Convert ME FMUs to CS FMUs by attaching an ODE solver.

All operations except editing are performed during FMU export, and they can be combined as needed.

New features

  • Constant block
  • Source block FMUs
  • Support for parameter promotion. It is now possible to add system level parameters and map to FMU parameters, constants, and system inputs.
  • Parameterization of system inputs


  • Improvements to the group connections dialog have been done. Automatic connections were added and general enhancements such as filtering capabilities, tooltips, and color indicators for connected signals.
  • SSP Standard version updated from “Draft20170606” to “Draft20171219”.
  • SSP files saved using the old form will automatically be upgraded to the newer version when opened.
  • The flag canBeInstantiatedOnlyOnce is now set to true in aggregated FMUs.
  • Fixed issue with exported zip-files not being compatible with java input-streams in some cases.
  • Improved logging so that it is possible to identify which sub-FMU failed.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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