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Release Notes for FMI Add-In for Excel v2.0.1

FMI Add-In for Excel v2.0.1 is part of Modelon’s 2018.2 release.

The FMI Add-In for Excel integrates FMI-based parallel simulations in Excel. The add-in offers the following main features:

  • Running simulations of compiled dynamic models, FMUs. The FMUs may be generated by any FMI-compliant tool such as Dymola, FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink, FMI Composer or SimulationX.
  • Taking advantage of powerful features in Excel to set up and perform batch simulations for parameter sweeps and simulations driven by data series.
  • Performing dynamic simulations or solve initialization problems, in parallel.


  • Made FMU simulation more robust.
    • Removed numerical error affecting communicationStepSize.
    • Increased robustness when dealing with non-compliant FMUs.
  • Fixed bug where FMUs with multiple DLLs for one platform could not be simulated.
  • Fixed broken script example found at ExamplesFMIAddInScript.xlsm
  • Added log message for when the call to an FMUs doStep function fails during simulation.
  • Changed default log level from “Info” to “Warning”.

Platform Support

Tool OS Bit depth Variants
Excel Windows 32, 64

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