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Modelon Impact Introduction: On-Demand Webinar

View the webinar on-demand

In this on-demand webinar, we present an overview and demonstration of Modelon Impact. Learn how your organization can benefit from seamless, accessible system-level model collaboration.

This webinar covers:

  • What Modelon Impact is and the vision of system simulation for everyone
  • A preview of the user interface – including the comprehensive set of built-in libraries
  • How to customize your user interface – using favorites and sticky panels
  • Deploying models to customized web apps – accessible to anyone regardless of training and experience


Thomas Fickenscher, Business Development Director
Thomas is part of Modelon’s Commercial Team and is responsible for customers located in Europe. He holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Zwickau, Germany and has 20+ years of experience in engineering and simulation.

Pieter Dermont, Business Development Director
Pieter is part of Modelon’s Commercial Team and is  responsible for customers located in North America.  He holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne and began his career at Modelon specializing in engineering and simulation.

View the webinar on-demand

View the webinar on-demand:

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