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Modelica Evolution – From My Perspective

Modelon September 11, 2015

Dr. Elmqvist keynote from the Modelica Conference 2014

Keynote Dr. Hilding Elmqvist_Modelica Conference 2014

The Modelica Conference 2015 in Versailles is coming up! The final program is published, and registration is still open. As a teaser and to get into the mood for the upcoming event, we publish recordings of the great keynotes by from last year’s conference.

In this first keynote from 2014, Dr. Hilding Elmqvist tells the story of Modelica from a personal perspective. This story covers the history of Modelica from the 1970s to the present day, as well as his outlook and perspective on the current state and future development. Dr. Elmqvist envisions an increasingly large role for Modelica and discusses novel product design processes with examples from automotive suspension design. He elaborates on efficient simulation of large scale systems, coupling between Modelica and 3D, and the use of Modelica as an architectural language. Dr. Elmqvist shares his thoughts on the complementary Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) open standard with important remarks and recommendations for its use and evolution. A must see for anyone with interest in Modelica and FMI in particular and model-based product development in general!

On April 15, 1976, Hilding Elmqvist had an idea: create an object-oriented modeling language allowing differential equations and physical connections between subsystems. Elmqvist’s Ph.D. thesis in 1978 entitled “A Structured Model Language for Large Continuous Systems” from the Department of Automatic Control, Lund Institute of Technology, contains the design of a novel object-oriented and equation-based modelling language, Dymola, and algorithms for symbolic model manipulation.

In 1996 Dr. Elmqvist, based on his work, took the initiative to organize the international effort to design the next generation object-oriented language for physical modelling. This step led to the birth of Modelica, now recognized as the de-facto open standard for modeling and simulation in multi-domain systems engineering.

Now almost 40 years after the original idea, Modelica has positioned itself as a key technology in the rapid industry change towards model-based design and virtual prototyping and testing. Modelica today is a technology to revolutionize product development!

See also the companion paper “Modelica Evolution – From My Perspective“.

This 38 minute video of the keynote speaker, Dr. Hilding Elmqvist, CTO for CATIA Systems at Dassault Systemes, was recorded by Modelon at the 10th Modelica Conference, on 11 of March 2014, at Lund, in Sweden. Elmqvist is the chief architect of the multi-engineering modelling and simulation software for Modelica used in the Dymola Product Line and CATIA Systems DBM. He is also responsible for Technology within the board of Modelica Association.

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