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FMI Toolbox for CarMaker released

Modelon April 23, 2013

FMI Toolbox for CarMaker 1.0 is now out. If you are already working with CarMaker and need to integrate models developed in any kind of simulation software e.g. Dymola, SimulationX, OPTIMICA or any other tool that supports FMI standard – this is the solution of your problems. Further information is available on the FMI Toolbox for CarMaker product page.

Modelon is continuing to develop our solution portfolio for FMI. The FMI standard is the emerging solution for simulation tool interoperability. FMI allows your various simulation tools to interact and talk the same language, and provides a foundation for your model-based systems engineering.

Also see the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink and the FMI Add-In for Microsoft Excel.

Interested? Simply write an email to our sales team sales@modelon.com.


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