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FMI Add-In for Excel released

Modelon October 19, 2012

FMI Add-In for Excel 1.0 is now available for download

Modelon is happy to announce the first release of the FMI Add-In for Excel version 1.0.

The FMI Add-In for Excel allows for interaction and analysis of system models in  Microsoft Excel, based on Functional Mockup Units (FMU).

The power of Microsoft Excel combined with the flexibility and portability of the open-standard FMU model format allows for a highly efficient workflow for experiment setup and reporting for design explorations, batch simulations, and more.

The FMI Add-In for Excel is developed in close contact with Modelon customers and is based on our extensive understanding and experience of industry needs. The product is tailored to fit the needs in model based engineering processes in all industries.

Download the demo version from the FMI Add-In for Excel product page.


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