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Dymola 2016 now available

Modelon May 29, 2015

We are pleased to introduce Dymola 2016 with exciting new features and libraries

The main highlights of the Dymola 2016 release include enhanced features for model development, post-processing, and debugging.

Model development and simulation

Dymola 2016 offers significant improvements for the model developer.

  • Extended support for editing multiple models is provided by a new tabbed interface in the graphical editor
  • A clearly visible instance-path facilitates model navigation
  • Drag & drop in the package browser makes restructuring of model libraries faster

Plotting and post-processing

Dymola 2016 also offers improved analysis capability and debugging.

  • Plotting of simulation results has been improved with a second vertical axis
  • Drag and drop curves between plots
  • Model debugging is supported by dependency information generated by Dymola, making is easier to trace contributing quantities

New library for human comfort

The Human Comfort Library from XRG is now available in the Dymola product portfolio. Suitable for automotive, aerospace, and building applications, the library is used to estimate human comfort in an air-conditioned zone. Human Comfort Library provides:

  • Models of air conditioned zones and flow
  • Analysis and visualization of human comfort
  • Occupant activity and metabolism
  • Framework compatible with fluid and control models

Libraries highlights in Dymola 2016

  • Air Conditioning Library 1.10 adds a new system component (System_ACL) which enables system-wide settings of the model from the very top level with automatic propagation to lower levels.
  • Heat Exchanger Library 1.3 adds new plate HX components (both for counter and for co-flow) as well as test benches for plate HX.
  • Hydraulics Library 4.2 comes with a series of new library examples (HatchCover, HydraulicLift, PumpAndMotor and WaterHammer) and a completely new User Guide for Elements.
  • Pneumatics 1.7 brings an improved new cylinder model (DoubleActingCylinder) with increased numerical stability and replaces all previous cylinder models.
  • Vehicle Dynamics 2.1 delivers a new OpenCRG Ground Model which enables the detailed description and evaluation of 3D road surfaces using an open file format and open source tools. The new version 2.1 also provides a planar contact calculation filtering method, suitable for grounds with significant variation in height and road normal.

 Updated libraries

More details

For more details on Dymola 2016, see the attached:

Visit the Dymola product page for more information.

How to upgrade

Modelon customers with active maintenance subscriptions can receive a download URL for latest release Dymola 2016. Contact our customer relations team and state your name, organization, country, and Dymola license number (in Dymola: Help > License).

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