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Dymola 2012 FD01 is available

Modelon November 25, 2011

We are happy to announce that Dymola 2012 FD01 is available.

We are happy to announce that Dymola 2012 FD01 is available.

The main highlights in Dymola 2012 FD01 are:


  • Greatly improved plotting capabilities offers easier to use and more flexible analysis of simulation results.
  • Improvements in graphical editor to make common operations faster.


  • More flexible composition of FMI simulation units with support of co-simulation.
  • Better accuracy and simulation speed, especially for fluid systems.


  • Enhanced Simulink-interface makes distribution of pre-compiled S-functions easier.
  • OPC server interface to simulator facilitates integration with process control and training simulators.


  • General flexible bodies exported from FEA can be simulated in Modelica, increasing the scope of models that can be modeled.

See the attached presentation of Dymola 2012 FD01 highlights and the release notes.

For more details, see the attached

  • <media 364 – download “APPLICATION, Dymola2012FD01 highlights, Dymola2012FD01_highlights.pdf, 1.1 MB”>Presentation </media>
  • <media 363 – download “APPLICATION, Dymola Release Notes 2012FD01, Dymola_Release_Notes_2012FD01.pdf, 3.0 MB”>Release Notes</media>

Modelon customers with active mainentance subscriptions can receive a download URL for latest release Dymola 2012 FD01. Contact sales-admin@modelon.com and state your name, company, and license number.

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