About Modelon

Modelon offers systems modeling and simulation software that accelerates product innovation, development, and operations in a range of industries.  Modelon’s flagship product, Modelon Impact, is a cloud-native system simulation software platform featuring a collaborative browser-based interface and thousands of proven models and components spanning a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and with a global reach, Modelon is an expert industry leader in model-based systems engineering with a focus on leveraging open standard technologies.

Modelon is building a system modeling and simulation platform of the future, with the goal of creating a robust commercial platform available in the cloud. The solution calls for a highly interactive user interface for system modeling, massively parallelized simulations, fast querying and post-processing of large data sets, and visualization in 2D and 3D. Collaborative workflows preferred by modern engineers are a key capability of the platform.  The platform also needs to adhere to high standards for IT security to keep sensitive customer product data safe and for scalability to support a large user base. In addition, flexible deployment to work with different cloud architectures as well as a robust and performant solution are important characteristics.


As a DevOps Engineer, you will contribute to the efficiency and success of the product development teams through the development, maintenance, and operation of the Continuous Integration & Delivery pipelines including the supporting infrastructure and tools. As technology is rapidly evolving you are expected to be in continuous learning mode following up the trends relevant for the public and hybrid cloud DevOps. You will be part of the AID (Automation, Integration, and Deployment) team and be in contact with the users of the infrastructure and services to provide support and explore opportunities for further improvements. You will also engage with direct customer contacts helping them set up and administer relevant hardware, both bare-metal and cloud, and software as needed.

Role description 

You will develop, maintain, and operate infrastructure and tools that support the organization and enable agile development and integration of software. That includes:

  • Practical operation and development of the CI/CD pipelines and services with a focus on cloud deployment to Azure and AWS.
  • Software modules maintenance and development primarily in Python and docker but languages, such as C/C++, Java, or TypeScript may also be used at times.
  • Multiplatform automation projects both on Windows and Linux bare-metal servers and cloud services.
  • System administration of the servers running on-prem and on-cloud. We utilize VMWare, Office 365, Kubernetes and are hosting and operating several systems, including Jenkins, Artifactory, JupyterHub, and our own software.
  • Perform troubleshooting and support Modelon engineers
  • Occasionally, support successful customer integration and deployment

Success in this role will depend on your ability to develop and maintain reliable and cost-effective CI/CD services; provide effective support to the development teams and collaborate across the organization.


We think you are an experienced programmer who is also interested in System administrator tasks or a System administrator interested in programming. You have high ambitions to produce high-value products and services to internal users and customers. You enjoy working in a team but can drive the development of a feature or module end to end yourself if needed. You are able to communicate clearly contributing to the open and collaborative environment at Modelon.

Required skills and experiences

  • 4 years of experience of developing, maintaining, and operating CI/CD pipelines on Azure or AWS
  • Experience setting up and operating Kubernetes clusters and working with Helm
  • Experience from development in Python
  • Ability to deliver efficient and reusable code that can be understood and maintained by others
  • Familiarity with Agile development processes (such as Scrum or Kanban) and supporting systems (such as Jira)
  • Software development in Linux and Windows
  • Experience in version control systems such as SVN and Git
  • Fluent in English

Desired skills, experiences, and interests

  • Experience from development in Groovy for Jenkins
  • Experience from development in Java, C++, and other programming languages
  • Experience from software quality improvement methodologies such as test-driven development, code review, system/integration testing.
  • Experience with bare-metal IT infrastructure (network, storage, configuration, deployment, virtualization)
  • Experience with VMWare

Application and contact details

This position is based in our office in Lund, Gothenburg or Stockholm, Sweden. We are handling applications as they come in, so apply as soon as possible. For more information or questions about this position, please contact team leader Iakov Nakhimovski: iakov.nakhimovski@modelon.com.