OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit是基于Modelica和FMI的系统设计和计算平台。它提供了一个通用的环境,可以在整个产品开发过程中解决动态仿真,稳态仿真及优化问题。 OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit附带的Modelica编译器,具有卓越的动态仿真能力,能够为优化和稳态计算提供强有力的支持。

OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit可以在Python和MATLAB®之上进行编译。用户友好的脚本API在计算上为复杂设计流程提供广泛支持。

在设计周期的早期阶段,为稳态仿真和优化模型的结构探索和选择提供支持。在详细设计期间,能够提高模型保真度,并且能够通过瞬态仿真和稳态仿真的结果进行设计改进。动态优化是控制系统设计期间评估性能极限的重要工具,也是高级控制策略(如非线性模型预测控制)的基石。 OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit实现了整个设计过程中瞬态和稳态模型的仿真和优化的统一。

OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit可供终端用户使用,也可集成于软件和自定义工具链。

OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit是以JModelica.org技术为基础的工具。



Power plant optimization

To meet the increased need for regulating power in today’s energy market, start-up optimization of thermal power plants is a key industrial need. Model Predictive Control is implemented in the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit and successfully applied on both lignite boilers and combined cycle power plants to optimize the start-up process.

The optimization reduces the start-up time without violating the thermal and mechanical stress constraints that govern the lifetime of the boiler’s critical components.

Heating distribution

Production planning of district heating system is important as the customer heating demand varies throughout the day, and the production units have different production, start-up, and shut-down costs. 

The OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit is used in conjunction with a mixed-integer linear programming solver to find optimal production schemes of heat and electricity for small to medium sized district heating systems. The optimized schemes demonstrate potential savings while maintaining robustness of heat delivery.

Vehicle trajectory optimization

The OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit is successfully used for vehicle trajectory optimization. By optimizing the vehicle negotiating a maneuver, we can evaluate the results of different actuator options, actuator performance limitations and also environmental parameters (e.g. road friction). 

The result of the optimization gives valuable insight into what actuator choices best fit the desired use case and provides a performance benchmark useful when tuning controllers. 

All these capabilities contribute to the active safety of the vehicles.