This two-day course gives an introduction to the usage of the Vehicle Dynamics Library. The course is designed to give an overview of the contents of the library and how to configure vehicle models from templates. The course also practices how to set up different types of virtual experiments and teaches how to go beyond templates to define your own models and set up customized templates.

The course covers the following topics:

Overview of the Vehicle Dynamics Library and its content

  • Vehicle, and vehicle subsystems
  • Chassis and chassis components
  • Geometric and tabular suspensions, steerings, wheels and tires
  • Engine, transmission and brake subsystems
  • Drivelines and hybrid powertrains

Setting up virtual experiments

  • Creating 3D roads
  • Driver models
  • K&C analysis
  • Constrained and steady state analysis
  • Interfacing with Simulink
  • Real-time simulation

Modeling and customization

  • How to use and construct templates and base classes
  • Modeling beyond templates
  • Custom suspension models
  • Custom tire models

Who should attend?

This course is for users who want a comprehensive introduction in working with the Vehicle Dynamics Library. Previous knowledge about Dymola corresponding to Dymola Introduction Course, Part I is assumed.


Course flyer 

Course overview