This course gives an Introduction to the Vapor Cycle Library, its contents and application areas, and how to efficiently work with it. The course teaches the know-how to conveniently perform component and cycle simulation. It also gives the insight required to customize the models to your needs.

The course covers the following topics:

Library overview and content

  • What is Vapor Cycle Library? 
  • Thermo-fluid modelling
  • Media 
  • Heat exchangers, flow machines, valves and tanks 
  • Example uses

Working with the library

  • Parametrize compressors and turbines 
  • Component interfaces 
  • Model initialization 
  • Setting up components experiments 
  • Setting up vapor cycles experiments 
  • Cycle analysis and charge experiments

Modeling and customization

  • Visualizers 
  • Aggregate volume and mass 
  • Building custom virtual experiments and cycles. 
  • Adding user-defined models and correlations 
  • Cycle initialization

Who should attend?

This course is for users who want an efficient introduction in working with the Vapor Cycle Library. Previous knowledge about Dymola corresponding to Dymola Introduction Course, Part I is assumed.