This two-day course gives an Introduction to the usage of the Air Conditioning Library. The first day is focused on giving the know-how needed to perform component simulation and calibration of air conditioning cycles. The second day focuses on cycle configuration and analysis.

The course covers the following topics:

Overview of the Air Conditioning Library and its content

  • Heat exchangers, valves, compressors
  • Component and experiment templates
  • Component modeling and sub-model selection

Setting up virtual experiments

  • Using the Excel interface for model calibration
  • Initializing models
  • Interfacing with Simulink
  • Cycle analysis and charge optimization
  • Using the Dymola optimization package for non-linear parameter estimation

Modeling and customization

  • Building custom heat exchangers
  • Building custom cycles
  • Cycle initialization
  • Adding user-defined models and correlations

Who should attend?

This course is for users who want an efficient introduction in working with the Air Conditioning Library. Previous knowledge about Dymola corresponding to Dymola Introduction Course, Part I is assumed.

How To Register

Modelon training courses are offered as scheduled open classes or private, possibly customized, classes. Contact our sales team for registration, inquiries, quotes and advice.


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Course overview