Understanding how different parameter changes affect the vehicle allows us to adapt sensors, estimators and controllers in an efficient way to continue improving safety.

Bengt Jacobson , Technical Specialist, Vehicle Control Architecture, Volvo Cars  Link test

[We] are integrating Modelon’s Optimica Compiler into the Simplorer environment, providing our customer base with support for creating and simulating a rich collection of Modelica models that span numerous engineering disciplines and applications.

Lee Johnson , Product Manager, Systems Business Unit, ANSYS

In early stages of the design cycle, steady-state simulation and optimization support architectural exploration and selection. During detailed design, model fidelity is increased and transient simulation and steady-state performance computations are used to refine the design. Dynamic optimization is a valuable tool to assess limits of performance during control systems design and is also a cornerstone in advanced control strategies such as non-linear model predictive control. The OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit unifies simulation and optimization for transient and steady-state computations throughout the design process.