Modelon has proven its ability to help clients reach the central goal of all product development teams: Getting a better product to market faster.


  • Behavior modeling to cascade requirements from system to sub-systems early in the design cycle. 
  • Product design modeling and simulation, including:

    • Virtual testing for product design
    • Building multi-domain models for full system simulation
    • Enabling analysis through simulations, including Balance of Plant (BoP) optimization, component dimensioning, and system architect analysis
    • Empowering model deployment across different domains and co-simulation with other tools.

  • Models for control system design and optimization, including:

    • Building multi-domain plant models
    • Integrating plant models with control system design environments
    • Enabling design of experiments (DoE) and component- and system-level optimization.

  • Integrating functions and subsystems for simulations, including hardware-in-the-loop testing.  
Courtesy of Combustion Engines Division, Lund University, Sweden
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