Model based systems engineering (MBSE) services from Modelon deliver proven methodologies that decrease development time and costs while making it possible to increase product complexity and enhance innovation.

Modelon provides expertise in multi-domain system simulations - from concept to sales and maintenance. 

Do you need to understand the performance of your system and how to improve it?
Modelon Services can help you perform simulations and optimizations that provide the critical answers you need throughout your product's lifetime.

Do you need to improve the current simulation workflow in your organization? Modelon Services can help you design a workflow for virtual testing that is specific to your needs and requirements.

Do you want to optimize your designs early in the product development process, when it delivers the most value? Modelon Services can help you establish a design optimization workflow that will save you time and money while improving overall quality.

Are you a Modelica user, but need to improve the quality of your code base? Modelon Services can support you with training and expert guidance to improve real-time simulation performance, reusability, robustness and accuracy of your code.

"When I have been working with other projects I usually got two out of three, and that is budget, time or quality. But this time I got three out of three and I was very happy about that."

Per-Johan SaltinSimulation Software Engineer at Swegon, speaking about a project run with Modelon 

Rely on experts

Modelon engineers are proven experts in multi-domain system simulations and model integration for flow, thermal, mechanics and electronics analysis.  A particular area of specialization is combining control technology with system simulations.

A single multi-domain model created by Modelon can be used for all phases of a product's lifetime - from concept through the product development cycle to sales and maintenance.