Third Party Terms

Certain Modelon Licensed Programs (as defined in the license agreement applicable between Licensee and Modelon for the Licensed Programs) either may contain third party software components or may be third party software products licensed to Licensee to be used in connection with or within the Licensed Programs and subject to specific terms.  The specific terms and conditions applicable to those third party software components or third party software products not developed by or for a Modelon Company are published here below.

Open Source Software

The Licensed Programs may include open source software components. Whenever an attribution notice is required by the licensor, such open source software is identified in the Documentation and notices in the Licensed Programs themselves. The warranty and Support Services provided by Company under the License Agreement apply to all such open source software and are provided by Company and not by the original licensor. The original licensor of the open source software provides it on an “as is” basis and without any liability whatsoever to Licensee.