Thermal Power Library

Modelon’s Thermal Power Library provides a comprehensive modeling, simulation, and optimization framework for thermal power plant operation, including district heating networks.

Ideal for analyzing plant performance and limitations during transient scenarios, Modelon’s Thermal Power Library covers both new and traditional energy sources such as: concentrated solar power, gas, coal, and nuclear powers. The Thermal Power Library can also be used to verify safety requirements and control systems, needed to cope with rapid load changes brought on by increasing use of renewable energy resources.

Modelon’s flexible modular template structure enables efficient and effective modeling at the appropriate fidelity level. With fast and numerically robust models available, users can efficiently simulate and optimize large scale systems. The Thermal Power Library is well suited for large to small enterprises seeking to perform multiple dynamic design behavior studies in the early stages of concept design.

Coupling the Thermal Power Library with Modelon’s OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit (a Modelica and FMI-based computational platform for systems design), users can utilize a python interface to solve challenging dynamic optimization problems, with use cases such as plant start-up scenarios or district heating production planning.





  • Accessible component models that provide versatile design and analysis
  • Specifically used to model new and traditional energy sources
  • Ingrained flexible structures for modelling new plant concepts, unique layouts, and evaluation of novel research concepts
  • Ability to model start-up sequences, plant-wide control design, and emergency scenario simulation-controller tuning
  • Numerically efficient and robust fluid models for fast simulation and dynamic optimization of large-scale systems
  • Predefined templates used for rapid model development
  • Dynamic and steady-state simulation in a single model - increasing efficiency and saving time


Vattenfall's Funkquist on knowledge transfer and connecting different fields of engineering

Model of a complete solar power system including energy storage, steam cycle and control systems. The plot shows the overall plant efficiency in steady-state

The Thermal Power Library enables performance analysis and optimization of all types of thermal power plants. 

Specific applications include:

  • District heating - Optimization based scheduling of production units in the network, ensuring customer heat demands are fulfilled while maximizing plant profits.

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Thermal Power Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

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