Hydro Power Library

The Modelica Hydro Power Library provides a framework for modeling and simulating hydro power plant operations, enabling users to study multiple plant designs and their dynamic behaviors in the early concept design phase.

The library offers a complete testing and tuning environment to attain optimal performance that will translate into real-world operations. It is also ideal for simulating transient operations, such as start-up and load rejection, to verify that the control system handles those scenarios properly.  


  • Drag-and-drop interface enables plant models to be set up quickly and intuitively
  • Based on the Modelica open standard, providing easy integration of hydraulic and electrical models
  • Allows commissioning tests and procedures to be set up in a virtual environment, reducing the risk of unexpected events and minimizing costly or risky tests on the actual plant
  • Delivers greater efficiency and flexibility through the ability to simulate both dynamic and steady-state behavior using a single model.


The Modelica Hydro Power Library is a valuable tool for a number of hydro power plant design applications, including analysis of waterway dynamics and multiple turbines connected to a common penstock.

Other applications include:

  • Planning commissioning - Tests and procedures can be simulated to reduce the risk of unexpected events and to minimize costly tests done on the actual plan.
  • Control system verification - Hydro Power Library offers a complete environment for testing and tuning of plant controllers. It can be used to verify the control system under extreme working conditions of the plant, such as load rejection.

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Hydro Plant Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

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