Modelon and Dymola

Modelon and its engineers have a rich history of involvement with Dymola that extends to the present day.

The first version of Dymola was developed and launched in the 1990s by Dynasim AB, a spin-off company from Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. The founder of Dynasim, Dr. Hilding Elmqvist, formulated the ideas on equation- and component-based object-oriented modeling that later became the Modelica open standard during his PhD studies at the Department of Automatic Control in the late 1970s.

A couple of decades later, Dymola was used extensively by young researchers at this same department, in close cooperation with Dr. Elmqvist and his company. Several of these researchers are now part of the developing teams at Modelon, in offices neighboring the Dymola developer team.

Modelon's experience working with Dymola since the 1990s and our often daily contact with Dymola developers give us unique expertise in this tool and its related technologies.

Dynasim AB was acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 2006, and Dymola technology has become a key component in the CATIA V6 PLM solution.