Thermal Power Library

The Modelica Thermal Power Library provides a comprehensive modeling and simulation framework for thermal power plant operation.  The library is ideal for control system development and verification, e.g. in developing control strategies to cope with rapid load changes brought on by the increasing use of renewable energy sources.

The Thermal Power Library is able to capture behavior of transient operation and control for events such start-up and load rejection. A particular advantage of the library is the ability to simulate dynamic as well as steady-state behavior using the same model. Another advantage is that it covers the entire steam cycle. Thermal Power Library can also be used for modeling and simulation of the flue gas, including a wide range of after-treatment technologies such as desulphurization, NOx-removal and carbon capture and storing (CCS).

The Thermal Power Library allows multiple design and dynamic behavior studies in the early concept phase, saving time and helping to ensure greater quality.


  • Wide range of component models provides design and analysis versatility
  • Flexible structure allows library to be used for new plant concepts, unusual layouts, and evaluation of novel research concepts
  • Enables modeling of start-up sequences, plant-wide control design or emergency scenario simulation-controller tuning
  • Covers the complete steam cycle and a wide range of flue-gas after-treatment technologies, including desulphurization, NOx-removal and CCS technologies
  • Provides both dynamic and steady-state simulation in a single model, increasing efficiency and saving time.


Vattenfall's Funkquist on knowledge transfer and connecting different fields of engineering

Model of a heat recovery steam generator including control systems. The plot shows how gas and water/steam temperatures vary along the different heat exchangers.

The Thermal Power Library enables performance analysis and optimization of all types of thermal power plants. 

Specific applications include:

Webinar (2013)

Demo in Dymola

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Thermal Power Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

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