Fuel Cell Library - Release Information

New features

  • New media was added FuelCell.Media.PreDefined.IdealGases.FastCityGas and FuelCell.Media.PreDefined.IdealGases.NASACityGas
  • New component FuelCell.Sensors


  • The documentation has been improved

New classes

  • FuelCell.Media.PreDefined.IdealGases.FastCityGas
  • FuelCell.Media.PreDefined.IdealGases.NASACityGas

Conversion of user libraries

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.3 is supported using the included conversion script Convert_to_1_3_1 located under FuelCell/Resources/Scripts.


Fuel Cell Library 1.3.3 is based on Modelon Base Library 2.4 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.2.

The library has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016
  • Dymola 2016FD01
  • Dymola 2017

Release notes for version 1.3.2 of the Fuel Cell Library. This is a maintenance release. Previous library version was 1.3.1

Conversion of user libraries

No conversion is needed for this release.

Library dependencies

Fuel Cell Library 1.3.2 is based on Modelon Base Library 2.3 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.

The library has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016 FD01
  • Dymola 2016

Available for: Dymola 2016

Dependencies: Modelon Base Library 2.0


  • Improved structure of FuelCell.Media.ReactionGas.ReactionProperties for increased readability. p, T, and X are now inputs.
  • Added possibility to parameterize flow and temperature boundaries in
  • FuelCell.Sources with enthalpy instead of temperature. Default behavior is the same as in earlier versions, i.e. parameterization with temperature.
  • The Index record is no longer part of FuelCell.Media.Templates.ReactionGas, it is replaced by the use of the substanceIndexVector function in media.
  • Moved gibbsReactionEnergy function to ReactionGas template.
  • Improved Modelica compliance.

Conversion of user libraries

  • Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.3 is supported using the included conversion script.




Available for: Dymola 2015 and 2015 FD01

Dependencies: Modelon Base Library 2.1

New Features:

  • Manifold structure with support for both external and internal manifolds. Predefined manifolds with inlet/outlet at the top, bottom or in the middle of the stack.
  • New manifold structure implemented in the FullStack template. The template now allows for modeling of different flow configurations: U-flow, Z-flow, Mid-flow, equally distributed flows or combinations.
  • New example: SOFC system with energy recovery (micro-gas turbine)


  • Pump model based on pump from the Modelon Base library added.
  • Support for both co-flow and counter flow in FullStack template
  • Support for stack insulation in FullStack template
  • Added new predefined media: steam (H2O) hydrogen mixture both as ideal gas (in NASA and Fast representation) and as ideal gas with condensated mass fraction of water.
  • SOFC system examples now uses FastMedia with linear cp instead of NASA media to avoid nonlinear systems of equations and improve simulation speed.
  • ReactionChannel updated to work with the updated channel interface from Modelon.ThermoFluid.
  • Added parameter frictionDistribution to ReactionChannel. The option can be used to control the type of model exposed in the fluid connector and facilitates creation of numerically sound system models with alternating control volume and flow resistance models.
  • Removed SimpleManifold as a consequence of the new manifold structure. Replaced by the new external manifold.
  • Elaborated Tutorial section
  • New icons (library, stack, manifolds etc.)
  • Improved Modelica compliance

Conversion of user libraries

  • Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.2.1 is supported using the included conversion script Convert_to_1_3.

Available for: Dymola 2014 FD01

Dependencies: Modelica Standard Library Version: 3.2.1 and Modelon Base Library 1.9

Conversion: None since version 1.2 is the first official release of the Fuel Cell Library.

  • The Fuel Cell Library is targeted towards modeling, analysis and control development of fuel-cell systems
  • The library contains predefined reactors for fuel preprocessing and internal reforming, and predefined stack structures for both Solid Oxide (SOFC) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEMFC) fuel cells. 
  • Easy to adapt stack and reactor templates to new structures 
  • Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) models
  • Predefined reactors for fuel pre-processing and internal stack reforming 
  • Reactions calculated by various approaches 
  • Handles reformate and other ideal gas mixtures 
  • Support for condensation 


Available for: Dymola 2014 and MapleSim 6.2

Dependencies: Modelica Standard Library Version: 3.2 and Modelon Base Library 1.8

Conversion script from 3.2.1 to 3.3.X is included

  • Hydraulics 3.3.2 is a minor release with the following improvements and bug fixes.
  • Improved the power steering example
  • Added a hydraulic damper example
  • Scaling improvements for regRoot in Hydraulics/Elements
  • General improvements in the library for cross platform compatibility
  • Some parts of the library documentation were unintentionally hidden