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Air Conditioning Library is a Modelica model library for design, analysis and optimization of automotive air conditioning systems. Air Conditioning Library comes with both ready-to-use refrigeration cycle templates and a wide range of components to create non-standard configurations. System architecture and dynamic behavior can be studied at an early design stage. Predefined steady-state experiments and an interface to Microsoft Excel facilitate component calibration and validation with experimental data. The dynamic system model can then be investigated for charge optimization and control design.

The library can be used as an integrated part of energy management design for both conventional and hybrid vehicles by combining with libraries for electric power, batteries, and powertrain. Liquid cooling models comprising heat exchangers and other coolant equipment are available as a free add-on.

Air Condition Library is a suitable tool for OEM’s or suppliers of system solutions in the automotive or aerospace industry, working on  A/C system design and those interested in virtual testing of their components in a wide range of system configurations. In academics and training the simulation of A/C experiments from the library enhances system understanding and gives insight into phenomena and component interactions which otherwise can be difficult to access on a test-rig.

Key features

  • The same models handles both transient and steady-state simulation
  • Easy-to-use templates that can be adapted for custom needs
  • State-of-the-art A/C models with access to source code
  • Supreme coverage of different refrigerants

Diagram of an automotive air conditioning system

Air Conditioning Library is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.


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