FMIT Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink - Release Information


  • Better support for removing algebraic loops using dependency data. New FMU blocks will use this by default. The option useDirectFeedthroughData can be used for old blocks.
  • Unconnected inputs of FMU blocks now behave as if the Ground block was connected to it, meaning that the input will be a zero value.


    • Support for FMU Model Exchange export from Simulink with Global (tunable) parameters.
    • Added full support for MATLAB 2015b.
    • Exported FMUs of Simulink models will now have parameters with names that reflect the models structure, see Chapter Section 5.7.
    • The structured names of the inputs and outputs of exported FMUs will now always be legal FMI names (unique and with no illegal characters).
    • Fixed bug where modifying a copied FMU block with structured ports would change the original FMU block.


    • Tunable parameters are now supported for FMU Co-Simulation 2.0 export.
    • Added support for MATLAB 2015b with the exception of the targets fmu_me1.tlc and fmu_me2.tlc.
    • Added the methods getMin, getMax and getNominal to the ScarlarVariable1 class.
    • Fixed a bug causing the fmiGetXXX functions in the FMI 1.0 MEX interface to return values with wrong dimensions.
    •  Other improvements and bug fixes.


    • Support for FMU Model Exchange 2.0 export from Simulink.
    • Changed behavior for Stop Simulation blocks when exporting Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMUs. They now cause the simulation to stop without an error (Model verification blocks still causes stops with an error).
    • Improved performance of ScalarVariable1 methods
    • Exported Co-Simulation FMUs now support variable communication points. Capability added to modelDescription.xml: canHandleVariableCommunicationTimeStep="true".
    • Fixed a bug affecting S-Functions with row vector parameters.