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The FMI Toolbox for MATLAB® and Simulink® enables streamlined integration and exchange of models into the MATLAB® and Simulink® environment using the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI) open standard. 

The FMI toolbox for MATLAB® links state of the art FMI-compliant tools, including Dymola, AMESim, SimulationX to the MATLAB®/Simulink® environment. FMI Toolbox provides an open bridge to a range of modeling tools. The toolbox enables the use of Modelica models as a complement to Simscape® blocks and allows the combination of both. Support for the FMI standard ensures flexibility and cross-platform interoperability.

FMI Toolbox offers user friendly functions to load and access FMUs from command line and scripts, as well as a blockset for using FMUs in Simulink. FMI Toolbox enables the use of MATLAB and Simulink as integration platform in heterogeneous engineering tool environments. The toolbox is used for batch simulation processing, design of experiments, control design, as well as validation and verification analysis. The FMI Toolbox offers an intuitive and powerful workflow to combine physical models on a system level in a robust and efficient way.

FMI Toolbox is based on a proven and robust implementation of the FMI standard.

Key features

  • Import and export of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) in Simulink
  • Easy to use graphical configuration interface for Simulink FMU block-set
  • Import and simulation of FMUs in MATLAB® scripts
  • Support for FMI for Model Exchange 1.0
  • Support for FMI for Co-Simulation 1.0

FMI Standard

The  Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) is an open standard for exchange of compiled models, targeting tool interoperability and model reuse. FMI was pioneered by OEMs in the automotive industry, and is now an established technology in all systems industries. The FMI technology is supported by a large number of open source and commercial software tools for systems engineering, and more are following. For a complete and updated list see the Functional Mock-up Interface home page.

Product Partner of The MathWorks

Modelon with the FMI Toolbox for MATLAB® and Simulink® is a Product Partner of The MathWorks Connections Program. This is a driver to stay updated with new product releases and to guarantee a solution of the high quality and standards that are set by The MathWorks product line.

Example of a Simulink model containing an FMU and a control system developed using Simulink blocks.
The FMU Simulink user interface allows setting of parameter values and start values.
The FMI Toolbox enables flexible configuration of outputs of an FMU block.

FMI Toolbox for MATLAB is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

“We chose the FMI Toolbox for Matlab/Simulink from Modelon, because it has been proven as the most flexible tool in our tests.”

 - LuK GmbH & Co. KG

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