FMI Add-in for Excel

High-fidelity physical models are valuable tools for assessing system-level performance and robustness early in the product development process.

The FMI Add-in for Excel® links state-of-the-art Modelica-compliant tools, including Dymola, to Microsoft Excel® through the FMI standard. Inputs and parameters of models imported into Excel® are conveniently configured by standard spreadsheet operations.


  • Allows users to exploit state-of-the-art physical modeling tools within an easy-to-access Microsoft Excel® environment
  • Enables parameter sweeps and sensitivity analysis that can provide insights into the impact of component variation on system behavior early in the design cycle
  • Provides simulation results within standard Excel spreadsheets, enabling organizations to quickly and easily exchange information among all shareholders in the enterprise
  • Maintains flexibility and consistency through the FMI standard.

Key Features

  • Import and simulation of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) in Microsoft Excel®
  • Parameter sweeps and sensitivity analysis
  • Parallel computations on multi-core platforms
  • Batch simulation and design space exploration
  • Supports FMI for Model Exchange 1.0 (initialization of models)
  • Supports FMI for Co-Simulation 1.0 (initialization and dynamic simulation)

The FMI Add-in for Excel enables steady-state and dynamic simulation of physical models integrated in a spreadsheet environment. Batch simulations and parameter sweeps are accessible through easy-to-use functions that enable users to quickly get up to speed with sophisticated model analyses. 

Automated Deployment of Modelica Models in Excel via Functional Mockup Interface and Integration with modeFRONTIER

(Presentation from Modelica Conference 201)
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FMI Add-in for Excel is a product of Modelon and is distributed by Modelon and partners worldwide.

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