Dymola is a complete tool for modeling and simulating integrated and complex systems. It is used in automotive, aerospace, energy, robotics, packaging, process and other industries. 

Dymola makes it possible to simulate the dynamic behavior and complex interactions among systems of many engineering fields, such as mechanical, electrical, thermodynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal and control systems. This enables users to build more integrated models with simulation results that better depict reality.

Support for the FMI open standard ensures easy integration in CAE tool chains and with MATLAB/Simulink. 

Dymola and Modelica

Dymola is based on the Modelica open standard, an object-oriented, declarative, multi-domain language for component-oriented modeling of complex systems.

The free Modelica language is developed by the non-profit Modelica Association, which also develops the free Modelica Standard Library. Version 3.1 of the library contains about 920 generic model components and 615 functions in various domains. The library is shipped with all Dymola configurations.

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Modelon is a unique partner

Modelon has a long history of supporting Dymola users and providing with effective customized solutions.

Modelon has skilled technical support team, complete training programs, the largest portfolio of add-on libraries and complementary tools, and expert-level engineering teams with industry application know-how that can provide related consulting services on modeling and simulation with Dymola.

Find out more about Modelon's unique relationship with Dymola.

Dymola used in combination with Air Conditioning Library. Experiment to investigate different refrigerant charges. This example contains a complete R134a AC-system loop with controlled superheating.

Dymola is used successfully throughout the world in a wide range of industries and applications. Success stories are regularly presented in conferences and workshops and are especially prominent in the Proceedings of the International Modelica Conferences.


Improving energy supply efficiency

Ceres Power is a leading alternative energy company that develops fuel-cell technology for use in small-scale CHP products for residential and energy-security applications.

“Dymola takes out the guesswork so that physical prototypes have predictable performance. This means that we build far fewer prototypes than would otherwise be required, saving thousands of hours in the development cycle.” 

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Optimizing process control with Dymola

Optimation supplies control and simulation solutions to the process industry, including pulp mills, power plants, and mining and steel facilities. The company uses Dymola to create processes that best balance efficiency and energy consumption.

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Using Dymola for system modeling of new-generation aircraft

Aircraft systems require complex test rigs. Saab uses 3D data created with CATIA in Dymola to model and simulate the functioning of these systems. This enables designers to find errors that might otherwise remain undetected until late in the development process. Modelon has supplied Saab with a Dymola-derived solution for model-based development.

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Achieving optimum control with Dymola

Solvina is a Swedish technical consulting company and leading supplier of energy system design, system integration and control engineering for the power and process industries. Dymola enables Solvina to create efficient solutions for the most complex process control challenges.

“Without Dymola, we simply could not do our job. It’s the best way to help plant owners achieve enhanced performance and plant availability.” 

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Optimizing process solutions with Dymola

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. It uses Dymola to validate functions and optimize designs for new process solutions.  


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Using Dymola and the Modelon Vehicle Dynamics Library for continuous safety improvement

Volvo is synonymous with safety. As part of its goal to continuously improve the overall safety of its vehicles, Volvo Cars is adopting model-based approaches using Dymola and Modelon's Vehicle Dynamics Library.

Read more in: Dassault Systèmes Contact Mag, No. 9, Aug. 2008, pp 20-21 



Leveraging binary model export - exporting compiled models in Dymola

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Dymola Tips and Tricks

This is a series of blogs for accelerating your Dymola learning.

Dymola is a product of Dassault Systèmes and is distributed by Modelon in Nordic countries.

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Dymola allows us to simulate system performance and cost-benefit analysis in a virtual environment, helping us to make better-informed decisions about how to optimize products.

Mark Selby , Senior Principal Engineer, Ceres Power

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