• Energy and Process

    See how Modelon helps energy and processing customers increase efficiency, improve production, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

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  • Automotive

    From satisfying Formula 1's need for speed to reducing fuel consumption for heavy vehicles, Modelon is your automotive partner.

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  • Aerospace & Defense

    Simulating complex aerospace and defense systems interacting under high robustness demands - that's where Modelon adds value.

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  • Academic Institutions

    Modelon is a worldwide leader in applying Modelica open standards to education, research and student engineering competitions.

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  • Industrial Equipment

    Modelon’s modeling and simulation expertise spans mechanics, thermodynamics, hydraulics and pneumatics for industrial equipment.

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Modelon Blog

Understanding the FMI Flavors: CS v. ME

The Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard supports two flavors of Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs), including: Co-Simulation (CS) and Model Exchange (ME). But, do you know the difference?

by Maria Henningsson Read more

Modelon Hydraulics Library Upgrades Thermohydraulic System Handling

The Modelon Hydraulics Library introduces improved handling of thermodynamic effects by including a new concept of flexible thermohydraulic ports.

by Jim Claesson and Nithish Selvan Read more

Designing and developing advanced aircraft escape systems for fighter pilots

In a recent project, Modelon worked with a military aircraft manufacturer on escape systems, specifically the pilot ejector seat, that would propel a pilot's seat out of an aircraft using a rocket motor.

by Michael Sielemann Read more

Integrated CO2 Absorption Process in a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Global governments are implementing greenhouse gas policies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Knowing this, Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, has utilized Modelon libraries to develop a dynamic model of a CO2 absorption process, integrated...

by Stefanía Ósk Gardarsdóttir Read more


Modelon Hosts First-Of-Its-Kind FMI Forum in Japan

Modelon is pleased to host the upcoming one-day event, FMI FORUM 2018, to be held on 22 May 2018, the day before JSAE, at the Yokohama Symposia, Japan.

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Now Available: FMI Add-In for Excel v2.0

Meet FMI Add-In 2.0! Now with a brand new easy-to-use interface – FMI Add-In offers upgraded features that utilize state-of-the-art modeling tools within easy-to-access Microsoft Excel.

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Modelon Announces Spring 2018 Training Schedule

Join us for one of our upcoming 2018 training courses.

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