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Modelon Announces Release of 2018.1

Modelon is pleased to announce the release of 2018.1 for products within the Modelon Library Suite, Modelon Creator Suite, and Modelon Deployment Suite. Detailed release notes are available and can be found on the individual product pages as well as clicking the links below. 

As part of our multi-platform strategy Modelon libraries are compliant in Dymola, OPTIMICA, Simplorer, IGNITE, and MapleSim.

Updated versions of Modelon products are only sold and distributed directly from Modelon, as well as approved resellers. Contact us directly to update your Modelon software!

2018.1 includes updates to the following libraries within the Modelon Library Suite:

2018.1 includes updates to the following products within the Modelon Creator Suite:

2018.1 includes updates to the following product within the Modelon Deployment Suite:

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