FREE hands-on seminar on FMI technology in Nagoya, Japan, on July 21!

Learn about FMI Add-In for Excel

On 21 July, Modelon co-organizes a FREE hands-on seminar of Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) technology in Nagoya, Japan.

With an open standards based platform centered around Modelica and the FMI you can rapidly integrate, customize, and deploy into CAE tool chain.

Dr. Rui Gao from Modelon will give a lecture on Modelon’s FMI solutions, focusing on FMI Add-In for Excel. This will be followed by an interactive session.

The seminar is held at Modelon's reseller Toyotsu Syscom’s office, in Nagoya. No preliminary experience on FMI is required.

Register here.


by Rui Gao


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