Ricardo Software partners with Modelon

Expanding IGNITE product capabilities with OPTIMICA

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Modelon at NAFEMS Automotive Seminar 2016

Learn the latest trends in model-based design

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Pneumatics Library joins Hydraulics in MapleSim 2016

Full capability for gas and liquid actuation now available

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Modelon at Vehicle Dynamics Seminar, May 3, Trollhättan

Learn about the future role of tool vendors for virtual verification

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Co-Simulation of Dynamic Systems with the Functional Mock-up Interface

Welcome to PhD defense on May 4, in Lund

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Modelon at CIMdata Simulation -Driven Systems Development Workshop

Applying FMI & Modelica for Co-simulation of Complex Dynamic Systems

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Dymola Seminars coming up in Sweden!

Learn how to accelerate and improve your systems engineering results

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Modelon at COE 2016, April 10-13, San Antonio, Texas

Explore emerging standards and support organizations within engineering simulation

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Modelon at COFES 2016, April 7-10, Scottsdale, Arizona

Exploring the tools for co-evolution of complex things

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