Dymola success story: Tetra Pak, optimizing process solutions with Dymola


"We use Dymola to verify and optimize a process particularly when we are designing completely new solutions or a new way of processing something. It’s an efficient way to validate function and optimize the different options"

Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company.

Dymola enables Tetra Pak to save time in validation and verification of process configurations, and to test and evaluate completely new...

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Dymola with Vehicle Libraries Winner in ICCT Evaluation of Vehicle Simulation Tools

As regulators in the United States and elsewhere begin to design heavy-duty vehicle fuel economy standards, the ICCT (the International Council on Clean Transportation) is exploring technical and regulatory design issues related to developing and implementing those standards. This report evaluates available vehicle simulation tools that could be used in verifying compliance to a fuel economy or greenhouse gas standard. Modelon is happy to see...

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