Modelica book by Michael Tiller available online for free browsing

The book uses real-world examples to bring industry and academia up to speed on Modelica.

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New version for Heat Exchanger Library (1.1)

Model charge air coolers, evaporators or condensers with Heat Exchanger Library 1.1! The new version supports flat tube heat exchangers type air – gas and type air – two phase.

With HX 1.1 you are able to accurately model also off-set strip fins. Check out the complete release notes.

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Vehicle Dynamics 1.9 comes with support for Delft-Tyre and Standard Tyre Interface tire models


The Vehicle Dynamics Library has recently been extended to include support of the industry standard Delft-Tyre product line of TNO, which includes MF-Tyre® and MF-Swift® tire force models.  MF-Tyre is the Delft-Tyre standard implementation of the renowned Pacejka Magic Formula, with validated steady-state and transient behavior up to 8Hz, making it the ideal tire model for handling and control prototyping analyses. 

The Delft-Tyre wheel model...

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New version for Thermal Power Library

The novel release of Thermal Power Library strongly improves the user-friendliness. Significant enhacements ?including e.g. new gas-side heat exchangers, improved wall initialization and support of replaceable friction models empowers the user with new modeling possibilities. The range of pressure loss correlations include quadratic, linear, loss coefficient based and more.

You can now also benefit of a new fully discretized pipe model useful...

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New version for Hydro Power Library (2.4)

Expect a performance boost with about 50% shorter simulation time, enabled with a new efficient media implementation.

A new surge tank model with easy setup has also been developed. This makes possible to conveniently model a surge tank with a chamber. For a complete list of new features see the release notes.

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Hydraulics Library 4.0 comes with Thermo Hydraulics

This empowers you with the capability for using thermodynamic equations and also enables to disregard temperature effects when needed.

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FMI Toolbox 1.8 has been released

Simulation of FMUs on dSPACE DS1006 systems is now supported!

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Modelica Conference 2014 (II)

Check out Modelon authored and co-authored articles!

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Modelica Conference 2014 (I)

Follow the main highlights of last month's event in Lund.

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Integration between DYNA4 and Modelon FMI Toolbox now available

We are glad to announce that our collaborator TESIS has recently completed the integration of DYNA4 with Modelon FMI Toolbox

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