Higher test coverage with lower work load test automation based on game theory principles

TestWeaver is a tool for automated validation of simulated systems. It generates, runs and evaluates thousands of tests automatically. Each test is a sequence of inputs over time, automatically performed using simulation. TestWeaver generates the tests in a reactive, informed way, learning the system behavior from the results of the past simulations in order to increase state coverage and to actively worsen sub-optimal scenarios until the system behavior is really bad, i.e. a bug or a design flaw has been found.

TestWeaver also supports classical test automation methods, based on:

  • interactive recording and replay of scenarios
  • user-defined test scripts, for instance with Python.


Supported development and simulation environments include: MATLAB/Simulink, C/C++ IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio, Dymola, AMESim, and Silver, as well as hardware-in-the-loop simulation platforms. 


  • Fast development: early problem detection
  • High test coverage: thousands of high-quality tests
  • Low work load: more automation, less scripting

TestWeaver is in use for software development at Mercedes-Benz, AMG, GIF, ZF and others. 

Higher test coverage with lower work load test automation based on game theory principles


Simulation-Based Automated Verification of Safety-Critical Chassis-Control Systems

Simulation-based automated verification testing with TestWeaver is applied on an auto-coding implementation of a brake-blending function for a heavy vehicle, in combination with a simulation model implemented in Modelica.

A vast number of scenarios can be analyzed with moderate manual effort, and results corresponding to high-coverage FMEA / FTA analysis is produced to verify system safety and robust performance. The method complements the existing safety analysis and function validation methods with detailed and comprehensive analysis based on simulation. 

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Automating Test of Control Software - Method for Automatic Test Generation

Daimler uses a model-based test process for the development of software modules for automatic transmissions. The validation of the module functions is carried out with TestWeaver. This test generator is able to automatically generate, simulate and analyze thousands of test scenarios. The individual components of the development environment, such as, powertrain and vehicle models, software modules and test generator, are coupled by a Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) tool and can be executed on standard laptops. The software modules are operating as in a real vehicle and can be thoroughly tested.

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Extensive Test of Heavy-Machinery ECU on a NI VeriStand HiL using TestWeaver

Hydrive Engineering develops drive systems, drive components and software for controlling electro-hydraulic and pneumatic drives. With TestWeaver and a model-based approach, Hydrive was able to find and reproduce errors in an excavator control system, which they were unable to reproduce with hand-coded tests and three months testing. As a result, warranty costs are decreased and customer satisfaction increased.

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TestWeaver is a product of QTronics GmbH and is distributed by Modelon.


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