Pneumatics Library - Release Information

Version 1.8 contains the changes described below.

New features

  • The Pneumatics.Elements package provides necessary components required to build any pneumatic valve from scratch. The valves built using this package will be slightly of more detailed in nature than the existing functional valve models in Pneumatics library.
  • New component DCV_4_3: Directional control valve with four ports and three stable positions.


  • Appropriate tabs and groups now exist for all top level components. Parameters that are typically affecting on system level can be found in the General tab. While detailed parameters for component design are found in the Advanced tab. There are separate tabs for Volumes, Initialization and Visualization parameters.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a bug with the propagation of friction parameters in the Cylinder model.
  • Flags to enable aggregated properties and warnings are now correctly propagated.
  • LongLine aggregated properties are now calculated.

Library structure changes

New classes

  • Pneumatics.Elements (package)
  • Pneumatics.DirectionalControl.DCV_4_3
  • Pneumatics.DirectionalControl.Basic.Four_3_WayValveNoStates
  • Pneumatics.Utilities.Math (package)
  • Pneumatics.Interfaces.Port

Renamed classes

Obsolete classes

Obsolete classes are placed in the package Utilities.Deprecated and will be removed after a year from the release when they were put in the deprecated package.

Conversion of user libraries

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 1.7 is supported using the included conversion script ConvertPneumatics_from_1.7_to_1.8 located under Pneumatics 1.8\Scripts.


Pneumatics 1.8 is based on Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.  

It has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016 FD01
  • Dymola 2016