Hydro Power Library - Release Information

Version 2.5 contains the changes described below.

This release has been focused on improving the documentation and there has been a major revision of the model documentation. Old obsolete models has also been removed from the library.


  • Improved model documentation
  • Removal of obsolete models
  • Updated icons

Library structure changes

Fixes issues

  • Corrected calculation of velocity in HydroPower.HydroSystems.HydroComponents.Valves.Internal.Valve01 by replacing KvIn with a new time constant parameter. This correction may change the result of a simulation.
  • Corrected propagation of parameter firstSeed in HydroPower.Basic.MathBlocks.RNG.NormalIntegerRNG
  • Corrected propagation of parameter startTime in HydroPower.Basic.MathBlocks.RNG.NormalRNG

Obsolete classes

  • HydroPower.Basic.Interfaces.connectIO
  • HydroPower.Basic.Interfaces.FlowPortOpenIn
  • HydroPower.Basic.Interfaces.FlowPortOpenOut
  • HydroPower.Basic.PropertyCalculation -> HydroPower.Basic.Deprecated.PropertyCalculation
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.andV
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.atanFunc
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.booleanVector
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.corrClc
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.expFunc
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.getOutVector
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.HPcalculations.CMoutH0
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.HPcalculations.effTurb
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.HPcalculations.p0Matrix
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.HPcalculations.pTLiquid
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.HPcalculations.TaTw
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.Jcalc
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.Ktotal
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.revV
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.setInVector1
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.sumPoly
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.VectorClc
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.VectorProduct
  • HydroPower.Basic.UtilityFunctions.VectorShift
  • HydroPower.ControllersAndSensors.Internal.PIDdiscrete
  • HydroPower.ControllersAndSensors.Internal.TurbineGovernorAnalog

Conversion of user libraries

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 2.4 is supported using the included conversion script ConvertHydroPower_2.4_2_to_HydroPower_2.5.mos located under HydroPower/Resources/Scripts.


This version is based on Modelon Base Library 2.3 and Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.  

It has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016 FD01
  • Dymola 2016


  • Improved model documentation
  • Improved table directory compliance with Modelica

Conversion of user libraries

No conversion from Hydro power 2.4 is needed.






Available for: Dymola 2015

Dependencies: Modelica Standard Library Version: 3.2.1 and Modelon Base Library 2.0

Conversion script from previous version HPL 2.3 provided.


  • New surge tank model with support for more complex tank geometries. A surge tank with a chamber can now be modelled.
  • Faster simulations. The simulation time for the plant examples has been reduced with approximately 50%, due to a more efficient media implementation.