Electric Power Library - Release Information

Version 2.2.2 contains the changes described below.


  • Improved Modelica compliance
  • Improved documentation

Fixed issues

  • The number of heat port in ElectricPower.DC.Converters.GenConverter is now assigned from the number of heat ports in the converter subcomponent.

Conversion of user libraries

No conversion script is required.


Electric Power is based on Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.  

It has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016 FD01
  • Dymola 2016

Version 2.2.1 contains the changes described below.

Library structure changes

Renamed classes

  • ElectricPower.TurboGroups.Examples -> ElectricPower.TurboGroups.Variants

Conversion of user libraries

Automatic conversion of user libraries from version 2.2 is supported using the included conversion script convertElectricPower_2.2_to_2.2.1 located under ElectricPower\Resources\Scripts.


Electric Power Library 2.2.1 is based on Modelica Standard Library 3.2.1.  

It has been tested with:

  • Dymola 2016
  • Dymola 2015 FD01


Available for: Dymola 2014
Modelica Standard Library Version: 3.2.1
Conversion: None from 2.1


An update with focus on making the library compliant with the Modelica Specification. Some improvements:

  • Work with enumeration types and consistent type declaration, affecting unit types and type declarations. Unit types that previously were declared as Types.Units_pu are declared as Types.Units.pu in 2.1.1. The constants Units_pu and Units_SI are however kept for old users of EPL.
  • The use of conditional components in sensors models (abc, dqo, dq) was restructured to better follow the Modelica specification. The variables Park and Rot are no longer conditional, this was necessary in order to keep the computation structure in the sensors. There was also some restructuring related to the computation of conditional outputs in the sensors, mainly because they were using conditional components in equations and this is not allowed.
  • URIs are used instead of calling classDirectory(). The constants classDir and DATA_DIR are kept for old EPL users.
  • A nested structure for Trafo parameters were causing problems with constraining classes, this have been fixed by changing the structure of the records by removing some of the nested declarations and specifying the correct constraining class connected to the parameters in the Trafo components.