by Dietmar Winkler and Johan Windahl


Learn how researchers utilized Modelon’s Hydro Power Library and Electric Power Library to study the dynamic characteristics of Iceland’s Fossarvirkjun hydro power plant - serving the Súðavík municipality.

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by Shun Fujita, Rui Gao, Lixiang Li


In the last decade, Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) have seen an up-tick in popularity and practicality as OEMs and economies work to reach regional and global environmental goals.

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by John Griffin

車両ダイナミクス・ライブラリーにおけるFTire モデルのサポート

In the upcoming fall release, Modelon's VDL-FTire Interface will allow users to easily take full advantage of the FTire capabilities.

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by Magnus Gäfvert

One Modelon: イノベーション, 多様性, そして 協力

We're striving to build the best global team to bring innovative simulation solution products to market.

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by Michael Sielemann


Modelon’s newest library, the Jet Propulsion Library, provides the foundation for modeling and simulating jet engines.

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by Johan Windahl and Moritz Hübel


This blog piece reviews and summarizes our newest case study.

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by John Batteh and Jesse Gohl


Reviewing architecture-based approaches for vehicle modeling

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by Johan Ylikiiskilä

モデロン製ライブラリーの開発に適用されている Model Testing Toolkit

Use case for the new Modelon tool coming March 29!

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by Shashank Swaminathan

PowerGrab - Modelica による手の筋骨格系モデリング

Prehensile and precision grasps with Modelica

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by Hiroo Iida and Anand Pitchaikani


Study of air suspension dynamics using Pneumatics Library®

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