Wind Power Systems

Simulation helps windmill manufacturers and operators determine how to maximize quality and economic yield in early design stages.  Modelon has considerable experience providing the tools and expertise that enable windmill models and simulations based on open standards.

The multi-domain capabilities of Dymola capture all relevant physics in wind-power systems. The flexibility of Modelica allows for rapid innovation, design and testing of systems, from rotor mechanics to power grid. 

Modelon delivers solutions to address the following challenges:

  • Aligning design to rules and guidelines specific to the wind power industry
  • Optimizing rotor-speed operating conditions
  • Meeting grid-connection requirements
  • Implementing multiple control strategies to maximize output power, grid connection, island operations, control of DC level, and other key performance factors.


  • Provide ability to integrate mechanical and electrical subsystems for greater productivity and quality
  • Deliver tools and expertise for real-world control development and analyses
  • Enable performance studies early in the design process
  • Take into account parameterized components for more accurate simulations.

Vertical wind power system - connection to grid. The example in the picture shows reactive compensations at different wind speeds for different wind power plants.

Modelon has gathered experience in the following applications:

  • Performance analysis and control development for wind-power stations
  • Calibration of wind power system components.


  • Control strategies are implemented in C/C++ and imported to Modelica/Dymola using the ExternalObject class.
  • Models and controllers are assembled into systems and simulated/tested in Dymola.
  • The ability to interface to eternal C/C++ makes it easy to test control routines meant for real hardware on the models developed with the Electric Power Library.

One wind power unit linked to the plant control as well as the grid.
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