Smart Grids

Many consumers require service from different energy producers, requiring upfront planning using modeling and simulation.

Dymola and Modelica libraries enable service providers to design efficient energy solutions involving distributed power generators and loads, enabling better performance and significant cost savings.


  • Multi-domain modeling enables integrated modeling and simulation of distributed energy sources, saving time and increasing design efficiency.
  • Provides the ability to optimize grid configuration and operation for greater cost savings.
  • Allows power companies to match production with consumption, delivering greater service reliability.

Schematic overview of all relevant components in a smart grid.

Typical applications for smart grid modeling include:

  • Integrating renewable energy sources with storage capabilities
  • Determining consumption patterns and optimizing production to meet consumption. 

Below is a distributed smart grid solution for integrating several sources of power for a residential area.

The solution is designed to comply with an imposed profile of power consumption. 

Assumed pattern for power consumption
Integration of three residences with assumed power consumption pattern in a smart grid, for economic optimization.