Concentrating Solar Power

Solar power is a typical renewable energy in its fluctuating nature. Transforming the varying insolation into a reliable energy source means overcoming operational and design challenges. In addition, the technology is novel and encompasses many domains, requiring open-standards-based tools that enable model sharing and greater simulation efficiency.

Modelica has the flexibility that allows users to rapidly innovate, design and test each component from collector to generator, in interaction with the system or alone. The system as a whole can be assessed, controlled and troubleshooted as it would be in the real world.


  • Dynamic and steady state solution all-in-one.
  • A comprehensive model, representing the complete process, from the sun to a constant electricity supply.
  • Ability to anticipate various scenarios early in the design phase

The model shows a concentrating solar power plant. On the left are the collectors, in the middle the storage facility and to the right the electricity generation; all of them are controlled by a control system on the top.

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Evolution of energy flows during a typical summer's day [U. Herrmann, M. Geyer och R. Kistner, ”The Andasol Project - workshop on thermal storage for trough power systems”, FLABEG Solar International, Germany, 2002]

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