Vehicle Thermal Management

Design engineers in the automotive industry often face complex, multi-domain interactions between physical and control systems, especially when it comes to vehicle thermal management (VTM).

Whether it's an analysis of cabin or engine thermal management or another of those endless studies on  fuel efficiency, automotive engineers can benefit from a model-based system engineering (MBSE) approach using Dymola and Modelica libraries.

Analytic MBSE using Dymola and Modelica libraries delivers a comprehensive multi-physics platform, reducing the need for time-consuming co-simulation. It provides the versatility to implement all types of vehicle architectures, from ICE to electric, and to run both transient and steady-state simulations. 


  • Reduced testing time and costs.
  • The ability to analyze system performance early in design cycle, when it is easier and less costly to make changes.
  • Compatibility with all other Modelica libraries, enabling model re-use and scalability.

Webinar: Automotive thermal management and air conditioning

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Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management in Modelica

This presentation highlights the use of a coordinated suite of Modelica libraries for vehicle thermal management applications.

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is used to reveal the complex, multi-domain interactions between physical and control systems over drive cycles for combined thermal and fuel-efficiency studies. The common model is also used to support controller development and optimization as an FMU integrated into Simulink. 

The flexibility of FMI-based workflows is illustrated via batch and Monte Carlo simulations in Excel. A heat exchanger application coupling inputs from CFD illustrates the use of higher-fidelity models from the Heat Exchanger Library for calculation of performance degradation due to non-uniformity. 

Full text of the article at: Integrated Vehicle Thermal Management Modelica

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  4. Spotlight on integrated vehicle simulation - Check out this article in DesignFax highlighting how Analytic MBSE helps design engineers analyze complex subsystem interdependencies in hybrid vehicles. 


Deployment of Vehicle Thermal Management analysis tools

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