Tire Modeling and Simulation with Modelica Delft - Tyre Interface

The Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface makes industry-standard tire models from TNO available for Modelica tools.

The interface works with the widely recognized and extensively validated MF-Tyre and MF-Swift models for vehicle dynamics handling and ride analysis. It is compatible with Delft-Tyre version


  • Provides easy access to industry-standard, extensively validated models based on numerous measurements and experiments.
  • Gives engineers the ability to re-use existing data sets.
  • Delivers the comfort of complete trust in your tire model.

Supported Tools and Models

  • Modelica.Mechanics package
  • Modelon Vehicle Dynamics Library
  • OpenCRG road model 

Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface  - Flyer

Modelica Delft-Tyre Interface  - Modelica Conference 2011 Paper 

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MF-Tyre is based on a standard implementation of the renowned Pacejka Magic Formula. It enables engineers to simulate validated steady-state and transient behavior up to 8Hz, making it the ideal tire model for handling and control prototyping analyses.

MF-Tyre accurately depicts pure cornering and braking as well as combinations of the two. Robust extrapolation properties create models that are suitable for simulation conditions that go beyond measurement.


MF-Swift is the high frequency (100Hz) extension to MF-Tyre. It adds generic 3D obstacle enveloping and tire-belt dynamics to MF-Tyre's tire-road contact force and moment simulation.

Typical application areas for MF-Swift are vehicle comfort analysis, suspension vibration analysis, vehicle control systems development (such as ABS or ESC), and handling and stability analysis like braking and power-off in a turn on an uneven road.