Active Safety and Limit Handling

Safety continues to play a prominent part in the development of cars. Traditional development and testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is costly, time consuming and potentially dangerous. Modelon is helping customers such as Volvo adopt model-based approaches to active safety system development.

Using Dymola with models built from the Vehicle Dynamics Library, Modelon enables manufacturers such as Volvo to represent vehicle behavior with a mathematical model that accurately predicts the effects of new scenarios, parameters and configurations.

Furthermore, OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit contributes to solving dynamic and steady-state simulation and optimization problems related to vehicle's maneuverability.

In a collaboration between Volvo Car Corporation and Royal Institute of Technology, Modelon’s solutions have been used to evaluate the potential to improve safety and performance through new ways of actuating and controlling vehicle handling dynamics, especially under limit conditions.

In this work, two types of Modelica models have been used. The first, a full multi-body representation of an XC90, is used for virtual evaluation of the designs through simulation. It is implemented using the Vehicle Dynamics Library and is thoroughly validated against measurement data. This model gives a detailed response of each actuator input, and it is possible to evaluate high-fidelity response of driver and controller actions.

The second model is a low fidelity model used for dynamic optimization. Using the OPTIMICA Compiler Toolkit tool, the Modelica model is compiled into code that is solved by state of the art optimization solvers. With this setup the researchers find the optimal trajectories and control outputs for a given vehicle configuration. This allows to make early assessment of the expected performance gain when choosing between plausible configurations.

The video below shows how the distance needed to avoid an emerging car shortens as you add more actuation.

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Bengt Jacobson , Technical Specialist, Vehicle Control Architecture, Volvo Cars

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