Jet Propulsion and Secondary Power

The jet engine, the key source for power on-board aircraft is a key enabler for performance improvements on recent generations of aircraft. While the propulsion system continues to offer substantial improvement potential to the industry, the underlying physics are closely coupled and difficult to master. For these reasons, a model-based design approach using Modelon libraries to build on first principles is essential.

Model-based design methods using Modelon libraries allow leveraging model assets across the design cycle from on/off design computations via transient simulation all the way to real-time simulation on test benches. The open and modular approach enables integration with all relevant sub-systems and physical domains such as thermal management and fuel systems analysis. An additional example is hybrid and electric propulsion.

Additionally, jet propulsion models can be connected to secondary power systems. This enables the computation of the cost of extracting secondary power in terms of electric, hydraulic, pneumatic power, and the transient interactions with the engine loads. These aspects are crucial for “More Electric Aircraft.”