Hybrid and Electric Propulsion

While the jet engine by itself has been a key source for performance improvements on recent generations of aircraft, the bulk of the remaining improvement potential lies in developing hybrid and electric propulsion concepts. Hybrid electric and fully electric concepts employ electric power sub-systems for the generation of thrust, which was previously provided by gas turbines exclusively.

Combining classic power system technology with hybrid propulsion technologies offers OEMs a high return on investment, if improvements can be made. However, hybrid propulsion technologies often require a clean sheet design. For this reason, a model-based design approach, using sophisticated model assets, is essential for analyzing potential advantages and pitfalls.

Modelon’s aerospace libraries encapsulate component and sub-system physics, and provide a meaningful way to manage model/architecture variants. All critical aspects are integrated (such as jet propulsion, thermal management, and fuel systems) and enable predictive capabilities, guiding engineering teams to develop multi-body aircraft dynamics in detail, and later combine them with models of electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and control sub-systems.