Fuel System Analyses

Design engineers in the aerospace industry are often faced with the challenge of improving fuel system operations. The analysis of fuel pressurization, fueling/refueling, fuel storage and transfer, or in-flight refueling, are highly complex operations and the development and refinement of such systems is essential for creating robust fuel systems.

Modelon libraries enable engineers to simulate multi-domain interactions between physical and control systems, delivering comprehensive fuel system analysis. Modelon solutions also provide a multi-physics platform, reducing the time needed for co-simulation by providing the versatility to implement all types of system architectures and to reach real-time simulations.

An applicable integration opportunity includes thermal management as fuel continues to be the most important heat sink on high performance aircraft.

Real time 

Such solutions offer the possibility to develop complex and accurate models that can be run in real time and by using the same high-fidelity models throughout the design and validation process.

These solutions feature inline integration as well as mixed-mode integration.


The scope here is to dynamically simulate mass and energy balance, assess temperatures in relation to flash point/ lower and upper flammability limits and be able to model heat and mass transfer, and solubility.


The objective of inerting applications is to analyze the dynamic propagation of species as nitrogen and oxygen and set the inerting system to ensure admissable oxygen concentrations throughout the envelope.