Products for aerospace and defense contain highly complex systems from various domains that interact closely under high-robustness demands. This makes virtual development and verification a requirement. 

Software for these systems is often safety-critical; verification and certification must be compliant with DO178-C and related standards. Modelon has delivered solutions to help in this process for many different markets, including:

  • Airframe OEMs
  • Aerospace industry suppliers
  • Propulsion
  • Defense
  • Airlines


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Energy Management

Commercial flight requires high efficiency airplanes. A significant part of an airliner's energy consumption is generated by various auxiliary systems. Modelon delivers simulation and optimization solutions to help make these systems work together for greater energy efficiency.

Fuel Systems

Aircraft such as fighter jets are characterized by large variations in acceleration, direction and magnitude. Modelon provides simulation and optimization solutions to ensure robust fuel systems that deliver maneuverability in critical situations. 

Thermal Management

Thermal management systems are expensive components in large aircraft. They contribute heavily to overall energy consumption, directly affecting the operating cost for airliners.

Thermal management systems are critical for an airplane's function and safety, as temperatures are subject to significant change during a flight. These systems also must deliver another important selling factor for manufacturers - a high level of comfort for passengers and crew.

Modelon has played a central role in helping aerospace manufacturers optimize thermal management systems for energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

Terrain Vehicles

The variety of layout and propulsion systems in a terrain vehicle is vast, requiring solutions that can cover a wide range of options.

Modelon delivers flexible solutions based on the Vehicle Dynamics Library that enable simulations of different design concepts, both real-time and offline.

Embedded Controls Development

Picture courtesy of QTronic

Virtual development of controls requires dependable physical models, tools to support development, and highly automated testing and traceability to document and connect all artifacts of the development process.

When these controls are safety-critical, involving regulations like DO178-C they require a traceable, auditable and fully documented process. Modelon delivers the key cornerstones for this process:


Air Spring Design and Tuning

The size and weight of vehicles that use multiple-axle, air-spring systems make real-life prototype testing expensive and risky. Modelon provides the tools (including the Hydraulics and Pneumatics libraries), skills and experience to help customers develop multi-domain models that simulate realistic operating conditions for spring components and the vehicle as a whole. Overall safety and performance of the vehicle can then be tested in a safe simulation environment before design even begins.